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Real time met-ocean data, visualisation dashboards, and the world's first floating 5G networks for offshore communications

5G Connectivity

From safety critical communications to streaming large amounts of data, our 5G connectivity services are specifically designed for remote and offshore locations.


Our tailored, private networks provide secure, meshed 5G to offshore infrastructure, vessels, ports, aquaculture farms, and the leisure industry.


Connect from your usual mobile device to utilise high speed internet as you would on land. Our services are available for private usage, deployed specifically for your requirements.


For more information or to discuss a trial, please contact us.

Data collection

Stream real time data, including sea state, weather, and video, live from the ocean over 5G. Our data collection platforms can be rented with our 5G network or hired separately and linked into a local internet connection.


JET-1 Nemo (pictured here) is currently fitted with a weather station and sea state monitoring sensors. JET-3 Arial is a similar size and currently fitted with two sub-surface 4K cameras. Both can host additional sensors for water quality, emissions, and other data collection.


Raw data is streamed across the network directly to you, accessed through our data dashboard, or you can utilise our bespoke AI capabilities to identify objects or pattern changes – such as mammal migration or plastics identification.


Larger data collection platforms are also available. Please get in touch to discuss the best solution for your requirements.

Safe & Secure

Secure, high-bandwidth, real-time data transmission in frontier environments


Reliable connectivity for teams working offshore and real time information on the environment

Smart Operations

Make decisions on your assets and operations using real time information and digital comms