Minister Lee Rowley Admires JET’s 5G Connected Buoy at NPL Visit

JET Engineering System Solutions was honoured to showcase and demonstrate its revolutionary buoy – which delivers 5G connectivity at sea – to Minister Lee Rowley on Monday 24th January at a visit hosted by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London.

Minister Lee Rowley, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Industry for the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, visited NPL for the morning and met JET’s CEO, James Thomas, Bid and Research Manager, Vicky Naylor, and Systems Engineer, Max Ruffels.

The JET team was invited to participate in the visit to demonstrate its success and growth which has been greatly supported by NPL’s Measurement for Recovery (M4R) Programme. The visit also included a tour of some of the labs at NPL where it is developing solutions for early cancer diagnosis and advanced material creations.

JET has developed a self-powered 5G floating buoy that can provide connectivity out at sea as well collect maritime data and deliver it in real time back to shore. After successful deployment of its first buoy in 2021, JET has been building partnerships with sectors that can benefit from offshore connectivity and continually developing the technology on board – improving its router with the help of NPL scientists and expanding the sensor and application integration capability.

James Thomas, CEO at JET, was proud to showcase the technology as well as his talented team, which has significantly grown in the past year. James said: “It was a great pleasure to be part of this visit and to demonstrate our buoy to Minister Rowley. Our engineers are creating ground-breaking technologies and it’s great to able to show real data that demonstrates what we can do for industry.

“We have recently begun working with the offshore wind sector to improve safety, efficiencies, and reduce the use of fossil fuel powered vessels. We are passionate about supporting the achievement of net zero and are continually looking for new ways we can do this. The support NPL has given us has allowed us to strengthen our business direction towards our goals and industry needs. This in turn is allowing us to rapidly grow our talented team due to significant contracts with new partners.”

Dr Peter Thompson FREng, CEO at NPL, said: “I was delighted that JET, alongside our scientists and engineers, could demonstrate to Minister for Industry, for the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Lee Rowley, the success of our collaboration working together under the Measurement for Recovery (M4R) programme.”

Tian Loh, Principal Research Scientist at NPL, said: “It was a great pleasure to collaborate with JET Engineering System Solutions Ltd on this project via NPL’s Measurement for Recovery (M4R) programme to offer NPL’s world leading 5G expertise and measurement capability in support of UK 5G infrastructure extension at sea as well as have the opportunity to share our success in person with Minister for Industry, for the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Lee Rowley during his visit to NPL.”

Minister Rowley with JET team stood by buoy on a trailor