Innovate UK Funds Ground-Breaking Feasibility Studies Led by JET Engineering

JET Engineering System Solutions has recently secured funding from Innovate UK for feasibility projects to improve offshore wind farm installations and boost the global commercialisation of 5G at sea.

The two studies, funded through an Innovate UK Smart Grant and a Global Cooperation Feasibility Study investment, are the latest projects in an ever-growing portfolio to be undertaken by the JET team.

In a fast-paced, 3-month feasibility study, JET is exploring international partnerships for building and deploying commercial 5G at sea on a global scale. Organisations interested in joining JET in leading the establishment of vast ocean basin connectivity are encouraged to get in touch to discuss technical and commercial requirements.

A more in-depth study on the use of offshore 5G for supporting wind farm installations has also commenced this month and will continue for the majority of 2022. The project is analysing the requirement of 5G connectivity within the assessment and installation phases of offshore wind farms to advance environmental surveying capabilities, reduce reliance on polluting and costly vessels, and address the lack of high-speed and cost-effective network coverage.

Both of these studies benefit from JET’s experience in developing new equipment solutions as well as proven success in demonstrating a 5G network connection at sea on its floating buoy.

Vicky Naylor leads Research, Bids and Project Management at JET and has been instrumental in the growth of the company in the past year, including securing funding for these projects: “We are extremely excited to be exploring and advising on the requirements to deploy 5G at sea for global marine use as well as more specific use cases, such as supporting the offshore wind sector.

“The company is growing at pace due to the demand for the innovative technologies our engineers are developing. 5G at sea is a relatively new concept because of the complex technical requirements, and it is a privilege for us to be able to support so many sectors as we grow.”