JET Connectivity

Update on our Buoys

Earlier in 2022 we shared the names of our four buoys – JET-1 Nemo, JET-2 Cleo, JET-3 Arial, and JET-4 Babel.


Since then, the team has been working hard on developing capabilities, and building, testing, and deploying Arial and Babel. So here is a quick update on where they are now.


Arial is set up as an aquaculture monitoring buoy which has recently demonstrated a live 5G connected 4K video stream. Arial was developed with added NMEA capabilities and weather sensors to be able to provide a range of maritime data to aqua farmers. It is ready to be deployed again for the next seaweed growing season, but can be used for demonstrations elsewhere in the meantime if required.


Babel has recently finished construction and its first trials at sea. Babel is bigger than the previous buoys and so is able to carry further sensors and power, transmitting larger amounts of data. It also hosts a 5G base station platform, meaning it transmits the coverage similarly to a mobile network base station on land. This is a major milestone for JET and for connectivity at sea.


Both buoys are platforms for our continued technology development as we work closely with our market collaborators to delivery the best solutions for their needs.


More pictures to come!

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