Naming our Buoys

Given the amount of hard work and care that goes into creating each of our buoys, it feels only right that they should have a name. That, and because now we’re at buoy number 4 it’s easier than trying to differentiate by calling them ‘the bigger one, ‘the first one’, or ‘the one currently on the trailer’.

Therefore, we’re delighted to introduce you to:

JET-1 Nemo

Nemo was our first buoy, deployed in Lulworth Cove in June 2021 as part of the 5G RuralDorset project. Nemo is a trend setter, being the world’s first SA 5G connected buoy. It has also taught us a lot about what can be done with 5G at sea and led to a multitude of technology improvements.

JET-2 Cleo

Cleo is our demonstration buoy. It is fully functioning and can transmit data to our platforms to demonstrate how it works in the water. Cleo also joins us for visits and events and has been involved in some recent BBC filming.

JET-3 Arial

Arial is currently in Dorset ready to be deployed in Portland to deliver a 5G connected video stream and sea state information to aquaculture farmers. Arial was developed with added NMEA capabilities and weather sensors.

JET-4 Babel

Babel is under construction at the moment and due to be deployed in March. Babel is bigger than the previous buoys and so is able to carry further sensors and power, transmitting larger amounts of data.

We will keep you up to date on the journey of each of our buoys as they carry out their trials.