Live sea weather information to be available on JET’s connected buoys

Heading to the coast with no idea what the weather will be doing from one moment to the next is a common occurrence in the UK. There are about 30 weather monitoring stations around the UK which are used for the marine weather forecasts twice a day on the BBC, but what about regular updates throughout the day or more specific locations? 


In the next few months JET will be deploying a weather station on our 5G connected buoy, with plans to follow this deployment on future buoys around the UK coastline. This data will make use of the recently announced NMEA capability being deployed on the buoy, allowing for various data sources to be integrated into the software and communicated back to the shore.


The weather station instruments being installed will measure:

  • Exact positioning, including direction heading
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Air and wind chill temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Relative humidity


The information collected will be freely available on our website for anyone to access, whether you are a shipping fleet operator looking to improve efficiencies or windsurfing enthusiast checking for the best time to pop down to the beach.