JET Connectivity

JET Engineering wins key DASA 5G Wireless Communication challenge

JET’s 5G enablement of an offshore area of operations

JET Engineering System Solutions continues to provide critical new technological capability through novel use of 5G in littoral and open water domains. Key in achieving this challenging objective are our partners, which is why we are highly excited to announce our DASA funding win in the recent ‘Wireless Communications, Networking and Information Theory Challenge’. 


This project will mature JET’s existing deployable mobile multi-radio IP/5G network capability for defence applications in littoral and offshore environments by developing the next stage of our connected mesh software that will define future connected environments.

Enabling a high-bandwidth, low-latency, and multi-domain integrated communication and data capability with high resilience and persistence will support a wide and diverse list of defence applications indicated as part of Integrated Operating Concept 25, Littoral Strike, and Future Commando Force.

“Continuing support from key initiatives like DASA and other agencies within the UK government, academia, and leading private industry primes helps us accelerate the delivery of JET ESS’ industry-leading maritime 5G connectivity systems”, highlighted Andy Crouch, BD Director and Co-Founder at JET ESS. “Winning this opportunity to work closely with Dstl affords us the opportunity to further align with MOD end-user requirements, as well as deliver the next stage of our 5G mesh communications technology, building on our recent milestones, such as the deployment of the world’s first floating 5G buoy platform.”