JET Deploying 5G Testbed Solution at Operational Windfarm

[4th April, UK]


A project to deploy a 5G testbed as a ‘living lab’ utilising JET’s floating 5G solution on an operational windfarm has today been announced.
Building a floating ‘5G at Sea’ testbed will enable a significant change in how we think of and use 5G. Not only does our 5G RAN (Radio Access Network) technology unlock a market that currently has no solution, in pre-installation of windfarm infrastructure, but it is also a significant step to commercialisation for us. 
Proving our technology with commercial customers and partners such as the ORE Catapult, XceCo, AB Ports and Microsoft is a significant step towards our vision of a safer, more secure, connected ocean.
This also gives us a significant opportunity to prove the value of our solutions beyond connectivity, such as our patented wind profiling technology which delivers real time data from our buoy over the 5G network.
Izzy Taylor, Head of Business Development at JET, said: “We cannot wait to take our customers and partners out to showcase this testbed once live. If anyone would like to know more, please get in touch with me.” 


Read the full project press release on the ORE Catapult’s website by clicking here.