JET Connectivity

"Exploring Our Anchoring System: Te-Fiti and its reef cube."

[13 March 2024, UK]


Our state-of-the-art 5G ocean data platform boasts an anchoring system that goes beyond the ordinary. In this post, we delve into the intricacies of the mooring system we have opted for.


Anchoring with a Purpose:


One of the details that sets our unique platform apart is the innovative anchoring system, specifically designed to secure the structure to the sea bed with minimal disruption.


At the heart of this system are ARC Marine’s reef cubes®. ARC Marine’s ecological and sustainability values align seamlessly with JET’s own, so collaboration seemed the obvious choice.


This solution not only ensures the stability of our 5G platform, preventing the buoy from spinning freely, but also contributes to the preservation and enhancement of marine biodiversity along our coastlines. Employing the fewest anchors necessary to fulfil our needs, we aim to reduce our footprint on the seabed while leveraging ARC Marine’s reef cubes® to foster beneficial marine growth.


The Power of reef cubes®:


ARC marine’s reef cubes® stand out as versatile tools that extend their impact across various industries, including aquaculture, coastal defence, reef conservation, eco-engineering, and subsea protection. Here’s why they are a game-changer:


Scientifically Proven Biodiversity Enhancement:


The design and surface of reef cubes® are meticulously chosen to create an ideal substrate for

marine flora and fauna, scientifically proven to enhance marine biodiversity.


Carbon-Neutral Construction:


Thanks to their advanced construction techniques, including alkali activation, and on-site

manufacturing, reef cubes® boast a carbon-neutral footprint. Prioritizing sustainability from

production to deployment.


Looking Forward:


JET is thrilled to continue to find ways to improve our systems, working hand-in-hand with like-

minded companies like ARC Marine to continue enhancing marine biodiversity. This collaboration

represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, all while safeguarding our

beautiful coastlines and oceans.


The marriage of JET’s cutting-edge technology and ARC Marine’s sustainable reef cubes® is an exciting one. Through this unique combination we’re not just testing boundaries; we’re actively contributing to a healthier, more diverse marine ecosystem. Stay tuned as we explore new frontiers and innovations in the world of ocean data.

Image: Photo of JET-5 Te Fiti, JET’s latest 5G ocean data platform with Arc Marine’s Reef Cube.